Kickoff@3 – 

Kickoff@3 is a collaborative initiative set up by Michael Wallace (pictured right) and Ashley Levien (left).

  • Michael Wallace is a serving Police Officer with the Metropolitan Police Service who works in Community and Youth Engagement;
  • Ashley Levien runs Suberbos Community which is a social inclusion organisation that delivers free initiatives in the London Borough of Barnet.


NBPA supports the Kickoff@3 initiative with a number of our local associations involved in KickOff@3 in 2017-18: 

  • Durham Police BAPA,
  • Wiltshire Police BPA,
  • Metropolitan Police Service BPA,
  • Police Service of Northern Ireland EMPA,
  • Gwent Police GEMA (Wales),
  • West Midlands Police BAPA,
  • Hertfordshire BAPA. 

Michael Wallace commented,  

“… its not just about the football, but positive youth engagement, diversion, trust of the Police and career opportunities internally and external with the RAF and other good partners. 

“Also Kickoff@3 are promoting the Police to the media in a good and positive light, especially with regard to our current  challenges in knife crime. …this is the only current National Football , Music and Poetry initiative that is successfully  getting the work done if others are looking for solutions.” 

Janet Hills, NBPA Met Reserve has consistently supported Kickoff@3 vision and attended their collaborative presentation ceremony at Crystal Palace Sports Stadium in July 2018. 

Below is an article written on how through this grassroots ethos relationships have blossomed both in London and nationally. 

Grassroots Football Club recognised by London Met and Black Police Association


Ashley & Michael are the 2018 winners of the NBPA Community Champion Award (shown with Michael below).