Women in Policing

Women in Policing

Statement of purpose

The NBPA women’s group is committed to the overall aims of the NBPA, but specifically to improve the working environment and conditions for women personnel of colour and improve the quality of service provided to BME communities.

Terms of Reference

The aim of the women’s group will be to achieve the following:

  1. Engage with a cross section of women in the police service in order to gain their view regarding the issues faced by women of colour and also provide a support network for BME women.
  1. Provide a consultation network for local BPA’s on issues pertinent to women in BPA’s.
  • Provide a consultative forum for the police service on issues of gender and race combined and assist in the development of new and existing policies where necessary.
  • Assist in increasing the recruitment, retention and development of BME women personnel to reduce attrition rates.
  • Assist in creating true equality within the police service by continually monitoring, assessing and reviewing policy and practises.


See the Report NBPA women Oct 09 v4


  • Activities: Conference Ryton 9 Feb 2009, Meeting Harrogate 7/4/09,  Meeting Hampshire 2/7/09, Conference Bramshill 13/10/09, Mentoring training Warwickshire 2/6/10

Next meeting Bramshill 30/9/10  August 2004 – Black Women in Policing research paper  what about us by Vice President Marcia Gittens (South Wales).

7 February 2007 Women in Policing workshop forum.

24/25 February 2006 Women in Policing seminar.