Conference Feedback

NBPA Conference, Derby 2019

Hundreds of police officers from around the county gathered around the Knife Angel in Derby

Great job Derbyshire and the focus on youth engagement was spot on! A lot to think about and take back to Force for everyone!Jez, Lincolnshire SMILE

Congratulations to Derbyshire for being great hosts and putting up an amazing event really proud. Tola and NBPA thanks to you guys for keeping the agenda alive and well fuelled.” Imran, Notts BPA

Thanks to all involved in this years conference. Was good to see everyone.” Sultan, Northumbria EMA

A really good conference! Lots of positive feedback from the two new members of BAPA in North Wales as it was their first conference! Nice to see you all too! Motivation is fully recharged after all of that!Liam, NWP BAPA

Thank you Derbyshire for a wonderful conference. Well done Insp Caulfield on his award. It’s was great to meet some many people with the same interest at heart.Mac, Essex MESA

Congratulations to Derbyshire, Tola & NBPA for putting on a great conference. It was my first time and thoroughly enjoyed it and it great to see everyone. The programme was exceptional so were the speakers and the organisers. Looking forward to next year.” Nav, North Yorkshire BPA”

“…one of the most inspiring things of the conference was on Tuesday evening when we walked in upstairs and the first thing is see a Sikh chief inspector! Filled me with a lot of confidence and joy😎” Puneet, Herts BAPA

Thank you Derbyshire and thank you NBPA- had a great time and very well put together 😊” Pav, Kent MEPA

Just wanted to say a big well done to you all for delivering the second best conference in recent history 😁🤣 On a serious note, it was an amazing conference and you should all be very proud!!” – from the 2018 Conference Planners to the 2019 Conference planners

NBPA Conference, Belfast 2018

Bevan Powell, former Chair of the MetBPA was the keynote speaker at the Annual Training Conference in Belfast, our first conference in Northern Ireland.

“I am writing to you to say how much I enjoyed the National Black Police Association Conference in Belfast… The Conference exceeded my expectations, and the mixture of speakers and workshops worked very well. The thing that struck me most strikingly, was 25 years after the tragic murder of Stephen Lawrence and 20 years after the Macpherson Report, was how little progress we have made in the Police Service on race related issues and how important it is to have a strong, visible and vocal NBPA leadership.

“I think everyone in the Conference were equally astonished, angered and moved by the talk that Nadeem Saddique’s gave and the way he was treated in the Police Service. Nadeem spoke with great dignity and eloquence and the unstinting support given to him by Franstine and Janet reinforced how important the NBPA are and will be going bringing change in the Police Service and wider society.

“I know Positive Discrimination, may be the anathema to many, but without it, how are we going to effect the changes we need in the 21st century.else? 

“Keep up the excellent work, and I am proud of what you are doing.” Phil, Ministry of Defence Police

“Can I take the opportunity to thank your team and PSNI on behalf of the Lancashire contingent for what was an excellent, professional and informative conference. We were impressed with the venues, the support from PSNI and the range of speakers which supported our wider endeavours to becoming a truly reflective police service. Many thanks and regards.” Ayub, Lancashire Constabulary

“I was just telling my colleagues how well organised the event was and how much I enjoyed it. Also how beneficial it was to me and the work I am doing to hear the lived experience of the speakers and attendees. I made some great connections and hopefully these will continue to develop.

“In the face of future uncertainty, I am delighted that I had the opportunity to attend the conference and meet so many from police services all over the UK.” Noel, Garda

Powerpoint presentations:

Lawrence Davies – main stage: Lawrence talk with Nadeem Saddique slides & Handout

EQUAL JUSTICE guide –Race Discrimination Law for Police Officers (Oct 2018)

Hardyal Dhindsa – Hardyal Dhindsa slides


NBPA Conference, Birmingham 2015

The Home Secretary, Rt Hon Theresa May MP was the keynote speaker at the NBPA Training Conference in Birmingham.

The final 2015 conference report is available here: 2015.


NBPA Conference, London 2014

The NBPA AGM in London saw a number of high profile speakers including the Policing Minister the Right Honorable Mike Penning MP.

The conference and workshop  report is available here: NBPA conference report 2014

NBPA Conference, Ryton 2013

The NBPA AGM successfully completed and ushered in a new era when Franstine Jones became the first police staff member to lead the NBPA. 

NBPA 2013 Annual report: 2013

Photographs of the day are now available on the NBPA website

Powerpoint presentations by:

Franstine Jones: Franstine AGM 2013

Nick Glynn: Nick AGM 2013

Jaswinder Singh: Jaswinder AGM 2013

NBPA Conference, Liverpool 2012

The event was a huge success with speakers from across policing and communities of the UK.

Further information will be posted within the next week.

Photographs by Khalid Lone (KMEPA)

Additional photographs are available via the attached link;

Workshop feedback

  • Policing and Crime Commissioners – Saima Afzul MBE


PCC-Info slides – Saima Afzal MBE


NBPA Conference, Edinburgh 2011

NBPA conference 2011 Policing diverse Britain in the 21st Century  was held October 5 – 6

in Edinburgh, at the MacDonald Roxburghe hotel.

Workshop feedback will be posted here:

NBPA International workshop report 2011

NBPA Conference, Sheffield 2010

The theme of this year’s conference was ‘Transformation Through Education’

The conference explored the value of education and the empowerment of women within the workforce as a transformational process in developing talent and bringing about equality of opportunity and fairness.

A copy of the NBPA 2010 annual report is available via this link.

The workshop well attended, the reports can be viewed via the links:

Workforce Modernisation