A message from the NBPA President

Westminster, Manchester and now London Bridge. Many lives and communities have been deeply affected by the actions of a few.  What we know so far is that seven people have been reported dead and many more have been injured in another islamist extremist terrorist attack.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the families, friends, and our colleagues who have been caught up in this appalling act of violence.
The NBPA are here to engage and reassure our communities locally.  We are committed to supporting the Police Service of England and Wales and our colleagues around the world. The NBPA will be there to ensure that our community and membership concerns are heard.  We will be working closely with our senior and community leaders to ensure we are offering appropriate guidance, support and advice at this time of need. 
Over the coming days the Met will be looking to piece together what led to this latest attack and the MetBPA’s involvement will be key in helping to achieve this.  If you know of anyone who has videos of what happened on social media or on Whatsapp, this could be key evidence in helping the investigation.  
If you, your family or friends have any information then please send it to CommunitiesTogether@met.pnn.police.uk or upload it to https://ukpoliceimageappeal.co.uk/CSIPS_Public/upload/choose
What has been sent to divide us will only bring us closer together.  We as a people, regardless of colour, creed or religion will stand together as one.  We will remain strong, resilient and our joint efforts will overcome the threat of terror.
Janet Hills
NBPA President