NBPA to launch Leadership Institute


Setting the Pace for Empowerment

The National Black Police Association (NBPA) is proud to announce the launch of the
NBPA Institute for Leadership and Empowerment (NILE) at our annual conference
in Edinburgh in October.

The NBPA president, Charles Crichlow, has welcomed the move: “The institute will
allow us to facilitate new thinking and more thoughtful responses to future
challenges around race and diversity.”

Pointing out that the police landscape in Britain is barren of minority ethnic Chief
Constables, the president adds: “This is an exciting and innovative approach to
ensure that police services up and down the country reflect the diverse
communities that they serve. It will also be critical in achieving trust and
confidence between the police and the minority ethnic communities.”

The NBPA is delighted to have on board Professor Kay Hampton, who has vast
experience as a social scientist and a keen involvement in issues of
discrimination and the abuse of human rights. At the conference, she will
deliver a lecture, entitled “Leading to Learn, Learning to Lead”, on the
police service”.

On the launching of the Institute, she says: “It is a very positive initiative as
it allows a secure environment for the development of ideas, and the support
and encouragement of leadership from within the NBPA and wider police service”.

Professor Hampton went on to say she believes the upcoming conference “provides a timely

opportunity to not only reflect, re-energise and refocus in line with developments within our
communities, but also to share mutual experiences and views on policing from a
race perspective”.

The NBPA has a proven track record in the development of policing, having
established diversity training packages, mentoring schemes and other forms of
training. We added considerably to this portfolio in 2010 by launching the
Karin Mulligan Scholarship Scheme, which will be presenting its first three
bursaries at the forthcoming conference in Edinburgh.

We will launch the institute in conjunction with a youth seminar, which will run
in tandem with the main conference and will enable young people from across the
UK to come together to discuss some of the important issues that face them.

Other speakers at the conference include, Sir Hugh Orde, President, ACPO; Kenny MacAskill MSP, Cabinet Secretary
for Justice; Dr Anders Bergman, Stockholm University; Dr Rob Berkeley,
Director, Runnymeade Trust and many more.


For further information or to make arrangements for interviews/pictures please contact:

General Secretary: Stafford Brooks –

Tel:- 07971 162 821  stafford.brooks@nationalbpa.com

Vice President: Tony C Smikle MA –

Tel:- 07833 134 583 tony.smikle@nationalbpa.com


Note to Editors:

Keynote speakers will be available for questions and interviews on Wednesday, October
5, in the Press Room. An overview of the schedule is attached. However,
detailed timings of the speeches will be presented shortly.


Note to Picture Editors:

Photo opportunities will be available for leading personalities at the conference and
also the spectacular March of Unity, with police officers in full regalia, down
the Royal Mile from Edinburgh Castle to the Palace of Holyroodhouse.

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