Bedfordshire Police officer Harmit Bahra awarded £200k in race case

Franstine Jones, President of the National Black Police Associations (NBPA) says ” Here we have another case where a police force has been found guilty of race discrimination. I would like to see the senior officers and others in this case held accountable for subjecting Mr Bahra to both discrimination and victimisation.

I would like to see Bedfordshire police show the community it serves that it takes any accusations of race discrimination and victimisation seriously. 


Mr Bahra and his family, who have endured a difficult and stressful time throughout this process can now start to put this difficult period behind them.

No amount of money can repair the pain, hurt and damage that has been caused to Sergeant Bahra but the size of the award indicates to me the severity the employment panel placed on this case.

Bedfordshire Police has stated that for lessons to learned from this historical case, that they will  work with and consult with their local BPA. The NBPA hopes that they will commit  to this statement and ensure that no other officer or staff will be subject to race discrimination in all it’s forms”.

Franstine Jones – NBPA President