Culture Change is needed in the whole of British Policing for the 21st Century

The National Black Police Association [NBPA] welcomes the appearance of The MPS Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe at the Home Affairs Select Committee.


We hope that the Commissioner will use this opportunity as a watershed moment and set out to the public his strategy for, first of all getting to grips with the nature and extent of racism both at the individual and structural level within the MPS.


He has an opportunity to set out to the public, how the Met BPA and community organisations can play a role supporting him in bringing about lasting cultural change within the organisation.

Furthermore, we feel that given Sir Bernard is the Commissioner of our nation’s capital, he has a responsibility and a great opportunity to demonstrate leadership to his colleagues across the country. 


His appearance at the Home Affairs Select Committee offers an opportunity to encourage his colleagues in the other 42 constabularies to join him in setting out a credible anti-racism stance for the police service.


Chief Constables across the country need to be held accountable on their performance in relation to anti- discrimination legislation.




Charles Crichlow


NBPA President

16 April 2012