Deputy General Secretary Report 2015-2017

My two years as Deputy General Secretary since October 2015 have gone very quickly. They have also involved a lot of travel as we have visited ‘those four forces’ named by then Home Secretary Theresa May as having no black officers.

  • Dyfed-Powys has made some progress, but challenges remain after both recent Chairs have retired.
  • Durham found they had a black officer who self-defined as White which is interesting. However the BPA there is well supported and is always very involved in National Executive Committee meetings.
  • I have been to North Yorkshire three times and it’s BPA is similarly very involved but has been unable to overcome decades without black officers.
  • Cheshire Police and the CCMEG took up the challenge both of recruiting more BME officers and running this year’s conference. And we thank them.

My other highlights were the Positive Discrimination debate, going to Belfast to support the PSNI’s Ethnic Minority Association, and meeting Kevin Maxwell and Nadeem Saddique. They, Paul Bailey from GMP, along with numerous others have faced race discrimination in the workplace when all they wanted to do was a job they loved since they were children. They are all assisting us in creating an Employment Tribunal Working Group as a means of highlighting how policing needs to improve how it deals with whistleblowing and all types of discrimination.

The current disproportionalities we see in disciplinary actions and in grievances collected in the Staff Dynamics data  about our members show there is still much to be done.

It’s been a challenging and busy term of office both at work and at home which I have tried to illustrate above.

Our focus going forward remains increasing representation, engagement with BME communities, monitoring police powers and supporting you.