Detective Constable Paul Bailey wins Employment Tribunal

Following a lengthy Employment Tribunal in which DC Bailey successfully claimed direct and indirect race discrimination against Greater Manchester Police, (GMP) launched an appeal against the judgment.

On 3/12/15 the Employment Tribunal Appeal Court rejected the appeal and found in favour of DC Bailey. Spokesperson for DC Bailey, Dep Chair of GMP Black and Asian Police Association (BAPA) Charles Crichlow said “There is something deeply disturbing about the motivation behind the treatment of DC Paul Bailey and the subsequent appeal by GMP”

NBPA President Janet Hills commenting on the judgment said,”It’s time for the senior leaders within GMP to take ownership and deal with this problem. It’s not acceptable that more tax payers money is used to defend the indefensible. I am willing to work with GMP so that effective solutions are put in place”.

Read the full judgement here….

Janet Hills

NBPA President