Disproportionality Report Highlights Unfairness

The NBPA welcome the report into Disproportionality in Police Professional Standards commissioned by Greater Manchester Police and conducted by the University of Manchester.


It is clearly evident from the findings of the report that Greater Manchester Police, West Midlands Police and British Transport Police have very serious issues to address in terms of the fair treatment of BME Staff.


The report highlights a number of areas which must be acted upon by these three forces with a clear commitment and timetable for progress on the issues experienced by BME Staff.


It is also clear from the report that there are implications beyond the three services highlighted in the report, we therefore urge the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) along with all other Police Staff Associations to ensure that Chief Officers pay appropriate attention to the findings of this report.


NBPA President Charles Crichlow stated “The findings of this report vindicate concerns raised over many years regarding officers from different backgrounds being treated differently and unfairly, there is now a window of opportunity to use this evidence as a catalyst for tackling these issues once and for all”


The NBPA will be calling upon the Home Affairs Select Committee to study this report and hold the relevant Ministers accountable for ensuring fairness within our criminal justice system.

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