Ex-Cleveland PC Sultan Alam wins £800,000 damages package

A former Cleveland policeman who was “stitched up” by fellow officers and wrongfully jailed has received £800,000 in compensation.

Sultan Alam, 48, had already received £400,000 in damages from Cleveland Police.

A hearing has now agreed a figure for loss of future earnings, bringing the total to £800,000.

Mr Alam was jailed for 18 months in 1996 for conspiracy to steal car parts, but was cleared in 2007.

He served half his sentence and carried on his legal battle while working as a taxi driver.

A civil case, which ended in January, heard that Mr Alam was “stitched up” by fellow officers after he launched industrial tribunal proceedings in 1993, complaining of racial discrimination.

Cleveland Police admitted malicious prosecution and was ordered to pay damages.

Leaving the latest hearing, at Leeds County Court, Mr Alam said: “It was never about the money.”