Firearms officer wins case against Cleveland police over racism

PC Nadeem Saddique from Cleveland Police, has won his claim for direct race discrimination and victimisation at Middlesborough Employment Tribunal. PC Saddique was supported during his case by the National Black Police Association (NBPA).

During its support of PC Saddique, the NBPA were alerted to a number of allegations of racism within Cleveland Police. This led the NBPA to take the unprecedented step of raising its concerns formally with the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

Franstine Jones, Vice President of the NBPA said,

This case illustrates the importance of the NBPA and the vital role we play in supporting our members who are victims of racial discrimination and harassment. Sadly, it highlights the disturbing experiences of Black & Asian police officers who raise complaints of racism and the worrying trend of a lack of accountability by the organisation to hold individuals to account.

Therefore lessons are not learnt, victims are further victimised and perpetrators are protected. This is leading to a growing trend of police officers and staff who have successfully taken their forces to employment tribunal successfully on multiple occasions, e.g. Paul Bailey from Greater Manchester and Zulfi Sher from Derbyshire. In this current climate, it is vital that all communities have trust in the police, so that they can confidently report crime, come forward as victims and witnesses stay with the prosecution process and see the police as an employer of choice.”

This judgement comes one month after the Home Secretary, Theresa May addressed the NBPA annual conference. In her speech, she stressed that a diverse police force was at the heart of the principle of policing by consent, and the important role the NBPA have to play in ensuring trust and confidence in the police.


Franstine Jones

NBPA Vice President