IPCC Report Police handling of allegations of discrimination

The IPCC report into Police handling of allegations of discrimination has highlighted concerns that the National Black Police Association (NBPA) has raised over a number of years. The lack of training for police officers in how to deal with allegations of discrimination is a serious concern for members of the public and for the police service. Dealing effectively with public complaints is a crucial part of increasing public confidence.

Franstine Jones, President of the NBPA says, this a damning report from the IPCC and raises some serious concerns about the way complaints from members of the public are handled by the police, in particular, race allegations. The IPCC investigated the four largest forces in the country but l know this is happening in other forces.

The NBPA presented our strategic aims and objectives at Chief Constables’ Council in April this year. One of our objectives is, meaningful engagement with the communities that we serve. This also includes engagement with local black police associations who can provide insight and understanding from a lived experience. I am pleased to see that the IPCC report has made community engagement a recommendation for the police service.

The NBPA look forward to working with the IPCC to improve the publics’ experience of making complaints and to assist the police service in understanding the communities they serve.

Franstine Jones – NBPA President

NBPA Priorities 2014-15

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