Leroy Logan MBE Retirement NBPA Tribute

LL retirement

On the occasion of Superintendent Leroy Logan’s retirement from

London Metropolitan Police after thirty plus years of distinguished service

to Policing and Communities of London.


The NBPA pay tribute to one of it’s early pioneers and one of the great architects of the movement to reform British Policing from ‘the inside out’ with regard to race relations.


Leroy has been a constant source of inspiration to the NBPA from it’s

launch, through to the current executive. He has been central to the NBPA

response to the key seminal events that have shaped the NBPA as an

authentic voice within the black community.


From the Lawrence Inquiry in the late nineties, developing youth

programmes in response to concerns about violent crime, responding to

the London Riots in 2011 through to today’s racism and corruption

scandal relating to Surveilance of the Lawrence campaign.


It is right that we pay tribute to an extraordinarily committed person who

is the embodiment of the character of the NBPA. Well wishes to Leroy

and Family.

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