Met agrees final settlement in Carol Howard discrimination case

The Carol Howard case highlighted the lengths that individuals within a police force will  go to cover up race discrimination and victimisation. This case is one example of the lived experience of some Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) officers in police forces across England and Wales. The National Black Police Association (NBPA) supports officers and staff who are being subjected to detrimental treatment because they raise complaints of race discrimination or whistle blow on corruption and challenge or report improper conduct.

Franstine Jones NBPA President says, ” Cases like Carol Howard (MET), DC Paul Bailey (GMP), Harmit  Bahara (Bedfordshire) Sultan Alam (Cleveland) all have a damaging impact on trust and confidence in policing. The time has come for the Home Office, the College of Policing and the IPCC to seriously deal with individuals in the police service who are found to have discriminated against BAME officers and staff”.

Franstine Jones

National Black Police Association (NBPA) President
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