NBPA on Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s pledge to fund an extra 20,000 police officers (02.08.19)

“On behalf of the National Black Police Association and members we would like to thank the Prime Minister Boris Johnson for his pledge to fund an extra 20,000 police officers over the next three years. We welcome this news as a lack of resources along with a loss of funding to vital public services has created a spiralling rise in complex demand on policing across the country.
We would also like to take this opportunity to remind the Prime Minister and Home Secretary that we are 20 years on from Sir Macpherson’s Report on the racist murder of Stephen Lawrence and there has been inconsistent progress in areas such as Recruitment, Retention, Positive Action, Diversity Training and Stop & Search for BAME staff and communities.
…We believe the drive to fund 20,000 more police officers is a perfect opportunity for the Prime Minister and Home Secretary to legalise the targeted recruitment and promotion of BAME officers and staff, and support our call for positive discrimination. This is in recognition that Positive Action strategies alone, however effective will take a lifetime to meet the shortfall in officers and staff who can connect with and provide legitimacy to BAME communities…[who] …lack confidence in policing and an estimated 40% of potential witnesses and victims of crime are not engaged with the police. This includes young, vulnerable black men who are both the greatest victims of knife crime and the least confident in policing.
…the support of BAME communities is imperative to make this work – a representative force that polices all its communities with trust, confidence and their consent has a much better chance to address this historic area of contention…
An application of 50:50 type positive discrimination to the additional 20,000 police officers, as successfully used by the Police Service of Northern Ireland could more than double the representation of BAME officers from the current 7% to 14% in three years, with the service matching the UK’s current BAME population. From an operational perspective, this would increase links and engagement with those communities, improve intelligence flows leading to better targeted Stop and Searches, and profoundly improve counter-terrorism policing. A once off injection of
10,000 BAME officers would send a message to all our communities nationally that the Prime Minister is serious about the legitimacy of UK policing. …

We look forward to receiving continued support from the Prime Minister, Home Secretary and Policing Minister to address inequality and discrimination in policing.”

Tola Munro, President of the National Black Police Association

Download full release here – NBPA Press release – Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s pledge to fund an extra 20,000 police officers (02.08.19) PDF