NBPA Press release – Stephen Lawrence 20 years on

The question of police legitimacy, stop and search, lack of community trust and confidence. These are some of the major issues still to be address, two decades after the death of Stephen Lawrence, according to the National Black Police Association (NBPA). 

Charles Crichlow, NBPA President said “It is unacceptable that in the twenty first century less than 5% of Police Officers in England and Wales are from Black and ethnic minority backgrounds”. The NBPA believe that the under representation of Black and minority ethnic officers presents a serious treat to modern day policing and the democratic nature of the Service. 

One potential solution  that receives full support from the Association is that of ‘Direct Entry’ where individuals would be able to join the police at Superintendant or Inspector rank. Mr Crichlow stated, “We support the concept of direct entry, but, with one caveat. It must bring about greater ethnic diversity and new thinking at the senior ranks within the police”. He added, “British policing must adopt radical approaches across the service, if issues of race and diversity are to be successfully addressed”

 Acknowledging the significant role that Doreen and Neville Lawrence have played in driving the issues of race and diversity across the police and wider British society, NBPA President Charles Crichlow said ”Society owes a great debt of honour to Doreen and Neville Lawrence as we remember the tragic murder of their son Stephen and their continued struggle for justice”.



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