NBPA response to the summary key findings from the BME Progression 2018 Programme BME Officer Survey and the Organisational Survey

The Home Office, has commissioned the College of Policing, to address the historic problem of the lack of representation of black and ethnic minority officers and staff in senior ranks and BME officers in specialist roles.

The College of Policing have developed a Positive Action Practical Advice document and respondents to the survey want to see better use made of positive action.
Franstine Jones said, “Nowadays, diversity units are rare in police forces and HR departments are not tasked to challenge the status quo around diversity issues.
Therefore, the work of local BPA’s must be supported and utilised as an invaluable resource. These are individuals that come from the perspective of a lived experience.
Local BPA’s can advise and guide the police service on how it can improve representation. If police forces are genuine about engaging their local BPA’s, BPA’s must be properly recognised, valued and supported. The NBPA would like to see all forces across England and Wales, utilise this document to ensure tangible results that improves representation in senior ranks and in specialist roles for BME officers and staff in the police service.

We have been here before, this time, there has to be some real, tangible, outcomes that increases representation of BME officer in influential roles in the police service otherwise nothing will change”.
It is clear from the findings in the survey, that BME officers face unfairness and discrimination which stops them from being able to progress to more senior ranks in the police service. ACPO leaders need to take robust action to eliminate the unfairness and
discrimination experienced by BME officers and staff in their forces. ACPO leaders say that they want people from BME communities to think of the police service as a career, the police service needs to show members from BME communities across the country, that this kind of treatment will not be tolerated.
Franstine Jones President of the NBPA said, “l am encouraged by the continued engagement by the College of Policing BME 2018 Progression project with the NBPA. The NBPA looks forward to being involved in the College of Policing initiatives, that
addresses the imbalance of BME officers and staff, to ensure that we have a police service that represents the communities it serves. The NBPA welcomes the development of the Positive Action Practical Advice Document. We would like to see all
forces involve and support their local BPA’s in the implementation of positive action initiatives, to ensure that there are successful outcomes”.
Franstine Jones – NBPA President