NBPA submission to Home Affairs Committee on August 2011 riots


Summary –

  • Trust and confidence is again a critical issue in police and community relationships.
  • The police service needs to maintain a corporate memory which will prevent history repeating itself.
  • It is absolutely crucial that information provided by the police service and partner agencies is accurate and timely.
  • Community Cohesion (CoCo) needs to be a crucial component of the policing lexicon with policies which support the ethos of CoCo.
  • Phrases such as “Zero tolerance” should be avoided unless it is part of a specific strategy that has been appropriately consulted on, agreed and resourced.
  • Specialists from outside of UK policing are able to give an alternative perspective which need to be contextualised.
  • The NBPA to be viewed and utilised as a full partner in improving equality issues within the police service—The Police service strength data 2011 (Dhani and Kaiza) and NPIA Equality in employment reports highlight the lack of progress on senior BME officers.
  • The NBPA and local BPAs will continue working with community groups developing programmes aimed at young people.
  • We recommend the establishment of a national Trust and Confidence forum, to be liked with the NBPA trust and confidence task force, in partnership with community groups, internal and external stakeholders.
  • The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) has acknowledge the errors in relation to verbal disclosures surrounding the Duggan briefings—there is currently a serious risk of public confidence in the IPCC deteriorating if clear communication protocols are not adhered to.