NBPA welcomes US drug law trials

The NBPA welcomes US trials that are exploring alternative approaches to cannabis possession and believes that the UK could learn important lessons from monitoring how legalisation works in cities like Seattle.

NBPA Vice President Nick Glynn, who was interviewed by BBC Radio 1’s Newsbeat programme said, “We’ve had our current approach to drug laws for 20 years. If we can learn anything from the US I think we should see whether we can get some better outcomes”.

“There are about a million stop and searches carried out in England and Wales every year. Around half of those are focused on street possession of cannabis so there’s a lot of time spent dealing with that very low level offence.”

“This may be an opportunity to prevent the criminalisation of a large number of mainly young people, a disproportionate number of whom are young, black men.  This is not a call for the legalisation of cannabis, we are simply highlighting an opportunity for Government and other stakeholders to watch and learn from the US trials and to explore opportunities to do things differently in the UK in the future”.

Click here to listen to the Newsbeat article and interview in full.