Pitchford Inquiry and Miscarriages of Justice Inquiry

On the 16th July, the Home Secretary announced the Terms of Reference for the Statutory Inquiry into Undercover Policing, chaired by Lord Justice Pitchford which was established in March.The Inquiry will investigate undercover policing units -including the Special Demonstration Squad (SDS) and the National Public Order Intelligence Unit since their inception in 1968. The Inquiry will  look at the extent to which political and social justice campaigns and individuals were targeted. Interestingly, the Inquiry will also “ascertain the state of awareness of undercover police operations in Her Majesty’s Government” . The Terms of Reference of the Inquiry have been placed on the NBPA website. Pitchford Inquiry Terms of Reference

The Home Secretary also announced that a Miscarriages of Justice Panel will sit alongside the Pitchford  Inquiry.  The Panel, is a response to the publication of a review also published on the 16th July by Mark Ellison QC into ‘Possible miscarriages of justice: impact of undisclosed undercover police activity on the safety of convictions”Review of possible miscarriages of Justic Ellison QC

The report has also been placed on the NBPA website.