NBPA/PolFed joint statement on Police Federation Review report

The National Black Police Association welcomes the recommendations in Sir David Normington’s review of the Police Federation of England & Wales. The NBPA was one of the many stakeholders who submitted evidence for the consultation, recognising that there was a need for change at the Federation and it is to their credit that they have made themselves subject to such wide-ranging, detailed, independent scrutiny.

In particular the NBPA welcomes Section D of the recommendations relating to Equality and Diversity. If implemented these will support one of the NBPA’s key priorities – developing a Police Service which is representative of the people it serves. We look forward to supporting the Police Federation as it develops its plan to increase BME representation, increase links with BME staff and communities and explore the opportunities that could be provided by widening the ‘reserve seat’ arrangements.

NBPA President Franstine Jones said, “The NBPA is committed to working in partnership with the Police Federation to assess the recommendations made in Sir David Normington’s report and establish a way forward. Many of our members are also members of the Federation and we are committed to continuing to provide support and insight to the Federation at a national and local level.”

Commenting on the review’s findings, Chairman of the Police Federation of England and Wales, Steve Williams said: “There is no doubt that the review has delivered a number of in-depth and radical recommendations in order to comprehensively rebuild the organisation and its make-up.

“The review is clear that the federation needs to reflect the diversity of the communities we serve within the police service.

“We are committed to working with each other to set the pace and lead the reform, which will make the Federation fit for the future.”