Press Release after presenting evidence to the Home Affairs Select Committee

“I have been asked quite a bit about issues of racism since I have taken over. As Bevan said, it is about the indicators that we would see that would indicate that a force is being institutionally racist… They include: …disproportionality in grievances, employment tribunals and disciplinary and performance procedures; where there is a failure to implement your own concerns about urgent and radical action; where we see people concerned and frightened to report racial discrimination… where, most significantly, chief officer teams in certain places are quite resistant towards that; where, when we try to put forward black culture and black policing history, there is no celebration…”

“…I can see that most of the areas I mentioned are being met in Leicestershire police. I met the chief constable last week. It was almost a last chance saloon. We went there last year as a cabinet because we were so concerned by what was going on. They currently have about five ET cases going on for grievances and the like. It is unprecedented across the UK for one force to have four or five race-related discrimination cases.”

Link to Home Affairs Select Committee evidence on Parliament TV

Bevan Powell MBE, former Chair of the MetBPA and founding member of the NBPA; Detective Sergeant Janet Hills, Chair, Metropolitan Black Police Association (MetBPA); Police Sergeant Tola Munro, National Black Police Association (NBPA); Inspector Mustafa Mohammed QPM, President, National Association of Muslim Police (NAMP)