Public consultation on Police Code of Ethics – National Black Police Association submission

The NBPA welcomes the development and introduction of a code of ethics for policing. Codifying what is expected from people who serve the public in policing will provide much needed clarify and enable all to see what is and is not acceptable.

The role of communities as well as the authorities and statutory bodies in holding the police service to account for these standards cannot be overstated – community scrutiny is essential as it provides balance and different perspectives that can sometimes be lost when policing is examined from within. The Code of Ethics provides a standard against which such scrutiny can take place.

The draft Code of Ethics is comprehensive and intelligent and the NBPA accepts its contents almost without exception. What follows are a number of suggestions and observations where we believe amendments would improve what is already a very positive piece of work.

The NBPA would welcome further involvement as the Code develops and is committed to supporting this important work stream as it progresses.

NBPA submission to public consultation on police code of ethics 29 Nov 2013