Stop and Search – A priority for NBPA


The NBPA welcomes the Home Secretary’s statement to the House of Commons (30 April 2014) about the police use of stop and search powers. Stop search is a contentious issue across communities and this is particularly true amongst black and minority ethnic people who are still disproportionately subjected to their use.

Vice President Nick Glynn, who leads for the NBPA on stop and search said, “Having contributed to the consultation we are pleased that the Home Secretary has reiterated the need for reductions in the use of stop and search, together with a more intelligence led, productive approach. She is right to say that nobody wins when stop and search is misapplied.

The fair use of police powers is one of the NBPA’s key objectives and the Home Secretary’s statement clearly demonstrates that fair and lawful use of stop search is also a priority for Government.”

NBPA President Franstine Jones said, I concur with findings from the HMIC Inspection. These are issues that the NBPA have had concerns about for years. The consultation gave members of the public who have been on the receiving end of stop and search a voice to say how it’s use had impacted on their lives. The NBPA looks forward to working with the Home Office, Chief Constables, PCCs, communities and all stakeholders to help deliver the plan set out by the Home Secretary.”

Please see the attached NBPA statement via this link: NBPA Stop Search Priority 2014-15