NBPA – “Media reporting of no-go areas are Unfair and Distract from important aspects of the report”.

Report – International Narcotics Control Board 2011

The report notes on the issue of Persistent Social Inequality that “it is a feature of many societies that just as some social groups have become increasingly wealthy, the gap between rich and the poor has increased and become entrenched.

As a consequence of these inequalities there are marked disparities in a range of health and social welfare indicators such as maternal and child health infant mortality morbidity, life expectancy and literacy” The report further notes that ” When societies experience these multiple persistent and long standing inequalities, some social groups come to believe that there is simply no prospect of there ever enjoying the benefits of full participation in the wider society. Faced with a future of limited opportunity individuals within these communities may increasingly become disengaged from the wider society and become involved in a range of personally and socially harmful behaviours including drug abuse and drug dealing”

NBPA President Charles Crichlow welcomed aspects of the report saying

“Government and Police Leadership would be wise to pay attention to the report emphasis on persistent social inequality, rather than the highly sensational and inaccurate reporting about no-go areas” “We should be focussing on the persistent disproportionality highlighted in Ministry of Justice Statistics on race and the Criminal Justice System which present a clear and present danger in the context of the UN Report on Narcotics Control”