Youth Parliament Select Committee – Racism and religious discrimination


On Friday 15 July 2016 Janet Hills, President gave an oral presentation to the Youth Parliament Select Committee.

She agreed that it was very difficult to understand why incidents of racism and religious discrimination go unreported and noted that lack of confidence and trust are factors. In contrast she identified that Black Police Associations engage with their local communities to make sure they understand how the police can help them, improving trust and confidence in the police, and encouraging those communities to report hate crime.

youth-parliament-select-committee-on-racism-and-religious-discrimination2The President said that the Metropolitan Police Service had dedicated school liaison officers who engage regularly with young people and help to build trust and confidence. She noted that young people view these officers in a more positive light than their frontline colleagues because the relationship that has been built.

  • The NBPA also provided a further, detailed written submission.

A copy of the British Youth Council’s Youth Select Committee’s report on racism and religious discrimination can be found here (see pages 22, 23 (paragraphs 67, 70 & 71), and page 37).