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I had a black dog…

The Black Dog film created for the World Health Organisation – https://matthewjohnstone.com.au/courses/i-had-a-black-dog/videos.

Witnessing the Wound

The impact on relationships between Africans, South Asians and Caribbeans as a result of African slavery (colonisation), the rule of the British Raj (British Rule), indentured slavery from India to the Caribbean and Africa and the upheaval after partition in India was incalculable. The loss of life and the brutality inflicted as part of these events forced us to embody fear in order to survive in a world that offered little value to our lives, little mercy on our souls and precious little interest in listening to our pain.

Witnessing the Wound – BAATN Conference 2018 from Eugene Ellis on Vimeo.


Wellbeing Therapy

Podcast featuring a talk given by Dr Elaine Arnold onher personal and professional stories related to the impact of migration on families – https://www.baatn.org.uk/episode-2-attachment-theory-and-working-with-black-families/

Dr Arnold’s book:

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– Would you be interested in writing a case study of your experiences and how identity, background and life experiences has affected your mental health and how you have accessed support?

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