Karin Mulligan Scholarship Scheme

The NBPA Conference, Sheffield 2010 launched the NBPA Karin Mulligan Scholarship Scheme

The scheme is open to all members of local BPAs affiliated to the National Black Police Association. It is also open to all other members of the NBPA and people associated to local BPA’s though participation in local activities. Please see more information on the link to the left of this screen.
Applcation and further information via this link
Karin Mulligan Scholarship application or email the NBPA.

Scholarship recipients 2013:-

1. Narinder Shahi

2. Ruby Shanker

3. Dillon Sims

4. Petr Torak

5. Jamal Ali

6. Chamberlin Ngouajio

2013 recipients

2013 recipients

Scholarship recipients 2012:-

1. Balbinder KularTaylor

2. Louise Durham












Scholarship recipients 2011:-

1. Richard Alleyne

2. Kris Harris

3. Zulfi Sher

Award recipients 2011The definition of “Black” does not refer to skin colour.
The emphasis is on the common experience and determination of people of African, African-Caribbean and Asian origin to oppose the effects of racism.

The NBPA is open to all in policing on application; there is no bar to membership based on colour.