NBPA to Establish Trust and Confidence Task Force – Press Release

The NBPA and its members all across the UK are appealing to individuals and community organisations to join together and send a powerful message rejecting the violence erupting across the country.

Every individual can make a difference by saying No to violence, intimidation and criminal damage. Those thinking about getting involved are urged to consider the consequences and Think Again.

We are at a critical juncture and the NBPA recognise that communities and the police need every bit of support to establish some degree of normality. The NBPA is proposing to establish a ‘Trust and Confidence Task Force’ to offer specific support to communities and Police Forces across the country to aid the process of building bridges where needed and establishing Trust and Confidence in Policing particularly among the youth population.


The police service and communities desperately need the support of government in the effort to re-engage where confidence has been shaken. Youth services in some parts of the country are in desperate need of a rescue mission from those with the power to do so.

Many of our members are working around the clock along with their colleagues up and down the country to bring order to our streets often in dangerous circumstances.

We support them all fully but in addition to this the NBPA is ready and willing to give additional support where it is needed.

Charles Crichlow


National Black Police Association

Email contact: www.nbpa.co.uk

Telephone enquiries: 07971 162821

This document can be downloaded from the link below.

NBPA Press Release 10th-August-2011