National Initiative of Leadership & Empowerment (NILE)

New Race Equality Group Launched to tackle issues of Race across the Criminal Justice System

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Declaration on the 2014 UN International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
We the undersigned will work together to promote race equality and eliminate racial discrimination in all parts of the Criminal Justice System.
As part of our commitment to tackling racial inequality and in the pursuit of racial justice,  we will
work with our partners and the communities we serve to campaign for the ratification of  Article 14
of  the International Convention for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination in order to enhance
access to justice for victims of racial discrimination in the United Kingdom and ensure parity with
existing treaties.
Angela Clarke                                   Franstine Jones      Conrad Reid
Joint Chairperson,  ABPO        President,  NBPA    Chairperson, RESPECT
21st March 2014

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Racism within the UK police dissertation – Grace Miller

The importance of race relations within the police force has had particular relevance throughout modern society, particularly since the publication of both the Scarman report (1981) and the Machperson report (1999).

Current literature surrounding the experiences of racism black minority ethnic (BME) colleagues experience within the police force demonstrates a possible shift from overt forms of racism to covert forms. These are reflected in the complaints procedure, recruitment levels and opportunities for promotion.

This research explores the experiences of racism BME police officers experience, evaluate methods which have been implemented to encourage change and highlight further causes for concern within the institution. This has been done with the support of empirical research conducted through correspondence with the National Black Police Association.

Grace Miller BA (Hons)