7 February 2007 from Home Office Press Release :

Promoting The Contribution Of BME Women In The Police Service

Minister for Policing Tony McNulty delivered a keynote speech praising the achievements and contribution to the police service made by women of minority ethnic backgrounds.

Speaking at the National Black Police Association (NBPA) Women’s Conference, the Home Office Minister thanked the NBPA for its work developing and progressing BME officers and staff within the service before taking questions from the audience.

Home Office Minister Tony McNulty said: “All women, whether police officers or police staff, have the same aspirations as their male colleagues. The perception that women need to have a proven record or need to be “one of the boys” to further their careers often acts as a barrier, preventing staff from demonstrating their full potential and abilities. I am determined to change this.
“As of 31 March 2006 there were 31,723 female police officers and 51,019 female police staff. This represents a massive pool of talent and skills that needs to be managed positively, if we, as a service, are to reap the benefits.
“We must redress the balance of women and BME staff at higher levels of the service and we need to ensure equal access through fair, transparent and objective promotion and progression procedures. I believe if the service gets it right with staff, it will get it right with potential recruits and with the public.”

The Minister went on to talk about the contribution of black officers and staff and the NBPA mentoring initiative which helps to identify women with leadership potential, tracking their progress and offering support and guidance in the form of a mentor. He also emphasised the importance of the work carried out by the Women in Policing steering group, which provides direction for improving the position of women in policing.

Speakers :

Angela O’Connor     Chief People Officer National Policing Improvement Agency (NPIA)
Hilarie Owen     Head of Leadership Services for the Police in England Wales and N. Ireland 

Q&A Panel members :
Keith Jarrett     President NBPA
Maqsood Ahmad     Head of Police Equality and Diversity Policy Home Office
Denise Milani     Deputy Director of Diversity Directorate Metropolitan Police